Management Group

Harmony Among partners & Management Group

  • Finalizing The Top Management Group.
  • Managing HR Through Astrology.
  • Astrological Analysis of Partners.
  • Corporate strategy with Astrology.
  • Implementations of The Remedies.
  • Vastu Planning And Vastu Correction.

a. Finalizing The Top Management Group :– Sometimes we find that a person amongst the top management is running under bad astrological period, we need to introduce such a face, who could be beneficial for the company. We believe that the top management group members must be astrologically sound during the time of hard need.

  • Analysis of the horoscope of the directors in context with the horoscopes of the company and the owner.
  • SWOT analysis of the directors.
  • Division of subjects or topics among the top professionals according to their individual horoscopes.

b. Managing HR Through Astrology :– Astrology is such a tool which explores the characteristics of the employ without his physical presence. His loyalty and stability could be screened through astrology.

  • Astrological analysis of the candidates before recruitment: this will give a new approach to the HR specialists and pschycologists.
  • This includes Astro psycho analysis of the candidates without their physical appearance.

c. Analysis of Partners :– You may be doubtful about the partner’s mind. Whither he is an honest person. What is the fate of partnership ?

  • If the chart of a business partnership or an associate has the weak or afflicted seventh house or its lord, not only the partnership or association is difficult to survive but the person associating with such a person (s) suffers tremendous losses and tensions in life.
  • So, the analysis of partner’s horoscope is very necessary.

d. Corporate strategy with Astrology :– Astrology helps fixing of the time for every movement and suggesting the business movement every time.

  • Finding out periods of growth and difficulty in context with the horoscopes of the company and its directors.
  • Suggestions for name and color scheme for the success of brands.
  • Ascertaining the Remedies.
  • Enhancing aura of employees and shaping their energy in company’s favor.

e. Implementations of the Remedies :–Here are the zones in which astrology, vastu and other tools. When and How ?

  • Astrology
  • Vastu
  • Karmakanda
  • Color therapy

f. Vastu :– Our domain is a vastu with the help of all other skills. Vastu can bring out miraculous results, if followed properly. This is a wonderful purposely from the vedic knowledge. Results are amazing.

  • Analysis of the existing assets of the company and rectification of vastu defects if needed.
  • Vastu Analysis of the proposed assets.
  • Planning for sitting and working arrangements of the employees.
  • Vastu remedies for getting maximum potential.

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