Success Stories

We can proudly say that we have many success stories. What else we want to listen if someone says that my business starts running after your consultants. Satisfaction of our clients inspires us. Our Vastu shastra consultants will provide you the best solutions in following area Vastu for money wealth, science of architecture for home and offices and commercial units.

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Surya Roshani

Surya Roshani was 4 hundred crores during the first meeting with our chief consultant Pt. Satish Sharma in 1999. After this some correction were carried out in the Bahadurgarh (Haryana) plant, which was a pipe division Surya Roshani group. In a south facing factory, most important correction was done in a dramatic way when a gate in a north side was opened with the permission of central exercise department after a lot of exercise. Senior management professional and board member Mr. Rajendra Ayra took keen interest in carrying out all other vastu corrections including construction in the south and south-west and some important changes in north direction.

Now the Surya Roshani has crossed it's turnover by 4 thousand crores.

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Raju and Astir Company

This Company was almost closed in 1998-99 and a number of Vastu Shastri's could not get accurate vastu reason of it's closer. Owner Mr. Astir doubted about the existence of Ghostly things also in the factory. Factory situated in Udyog Vihar, Gurgoan. In 1999 Pt. Satish Sharma visited the factory and suggested curtain corrections which were implemented within a short time. The factory improved immediately and turnover jumped surprisingly.

In a later development Pt. Sharma provided a number of solutions and now the company has 4 industries in all and is famous lace company. Turnover is increase in every year.

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Mico Bosch

During 2000 the then Mico Bosch Officers contacted Pt. Satish Sharma as the diesel engine fuel pipe company Mico Bosch could not get business from Tata Indica and the investment appeared to be in vain. It was very difficult for Mr. Benerji (a senior officer of the company) to conveyance Germany Management for Vastu corrections.

Anyhow Vastu corrections were carried out and the company is now number one in India. The plant is situated in Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur.

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Casino 2000

It's a five star hotel in Luxemburg. After the Vastu Correction in the hotel premises, growth of the hotel is so much visible that it happens to be the most famous hotel in the Europe. From here a highway connect to Switzerland through strassberg of France.

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Surya Herbal

Turnover of this company was not visible on the day Pt. Satish Sharma started Vastu corrections on to the factory premises in the Noida, Delhi. Very soon things started changing. As promised by Pt. Satish Sharma, after the opening of new south gate, company jumped up in exports and with a passage of time turn over the company is swelling like anyone.

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V.I.T. Global University

This University was facing a lot of problems including casualties of a number of students repeatedly. When vastu corrections were carried out, not only casualties stopped, but a wonderful growth came out and on the other hand owner of the University was elevated as a member of Public Service Commission of Rajasthan. Number of students, fees realization and recognition of the University are other benefits.

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Pratap University

There were lot of problems in the University including footfall of the students and various administrative problems along with financial crises. After implementation of certain vastu corrections, in the year 2015, a medical collage was granted and number of students was maximum since the opening of the University.

Anyhow Vastu corrections were carried out and the company is now number one in India. The plant is situated in Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur.

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Assotech Realty Group

This group was in trouble, when the owners contacted Pt. Satish Sharma in 2007-08. After the number of vastu corrections in the projects, the group came out of all the problems and completed new projects successfully. One more project in Dwarika was cleared as against all other fellow projects which were hanged in a criticized DDA scam. Vastu played a great role in their success.

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