Muhurta for entering the New House

The house construction should be started in moveable ascendant preferably or in dual ascendant so as to cause speedy completion of the construction. The entrance should be done in fixed ascendant so as to bring stability in the house.

Vastu in Basement

According to Brihatsamhita the owner of the house should ensure safety of the middle portion of the house called Brahmasthan. If he wants prosperity he should not throw used eatables etc.on the Brahmasthan.

Come out from the strong bolts of stagnation

Vastu is a Vedic science. It is possible through this powerful science to bring ray of hope to the darkness of ill luck in life. Unfortunately, some misconcepts are there regarding this science.

Lets Know - The Secret of Vastu Purush

A great classical book on Astrology named Brihat Samhita explains that Vastu was given to the sages from Brahma the ultimate creator. There is a mythology concerning the birth of Vastu Purusha

Important Role of Building height in Vastu

Vastu Purusha has been defined as pumakriti and facing to the North-East. The complete energy of Sun enters the land from that side. The earth is leaning on its axis 23 and a half degree approximately.

Which type of wood is auspicious?

Detailed literature is available in the scriptures as to which of the wood should be used in the Mansion. It is also mentioned that which of the tree wood should not be used. In the construction of the house for Vastu Shanti.



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