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We are most reliable Vastu Shastra consultant in India and offer Vastu consultation services across the globe. We undertake the complete project and “guarantee increase in your company turnover” with the help of Astrology applications in the industries, factories and commercial units. Ofcourse, houses and offices are the part of the total integrity of the owners

Our focus areas are sick industries, closed industries and such factories which are struggling. We would always like to put the client's every property under Vastu scanner in order to fortify his every property with the help of Vastu corrections and applications. Sometimes we use astrology as a big tool in all these, including experiments like Sthir Laxmi Anusthan etc.

Under the leadership of Pt. Satish Sharma, Famous Vastu Consultant who has got international recognition in the field of science of architecture, his team is working and monitoring round the clock Vastu Shanti activities all over the country and abroad, more than 40 countries.

He is president international Vastu Academy, chief editor Jyotish Manthan and National Vice President, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.

Our Methodology

On your demand our expert Vastu Shastra Consultants may visit your place or your team may visit our place for an exciting audio visual presentation explaining the miracles of vastu applications into the industries, factories and commercial offices. Our executives will explain our methodology, our case work and physibility of Vastu in your premises and provides Best Vastu consultancy.

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