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Vastu for corporates is the Best vastu consultant in India who undertake guarantee increase in the turnover of the companies with the help of Vaastu and Astrology rules in industries, factories and commercial units. Off course, houses and offices are also part of total integrity of the owners.

Our focus areas are sick businesses, closed industries and such factories which are struggling. We would always like to put the client's every property under Vastu Consultation in order to fortify his every property with the help of Vaastu corrections and Vasthu applications.

Our Testimonials

In the year 2000 we approached Mr. Satish Sharma, a leading Vastu consultant of the Country, regarding fatal behavior edam office area and the building of the Rajasthan Bridge Corporation, Govt. of Rajasthan. testimonial Road Development Corporation
Employees Federation

Your knowledge on Vastu and Astrology shell be the guideline for our planers and architects. There will be a meeting of some of the project leaders around 4-6 of April and if you come we can discus details of your participation andour conditions. vastuforcorporates testimonials SMMPO

This year, together with my Guru Maharaja we were visiting holy places in India, and during our trip, at begging of march we went to Jaipur where I find out about your knowledge in astrology. testimonials Vesisches Kulturzentrum

Giving creativity a new dimension, 5GM Communications is an organizational team of young, enthusiastic and innovative professionals dedicated to giving foundation, structure and finesse to the business of entertainment. testimonial vastu for corporates SGM Communications

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